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What Are the Characteristics of a Wireless Scanner?

The emergence of wireless scanners

When traditional barcode scanners (handheld) were introduced, everyone thought it was the ideal inventory tool. Today, there are also wireless scanners on the market. Barcode scanners with wireless functionality are undeniably more convenient because they are not limited by any wires. Staff can use one of them without having to stay next to the connected computer.

The characteristics of wireless scanners

Portability: The working principle of wireless scanners is very similar to that of traditional cordless telephones. It communicates with the base that has a predetermined distance, and you can use the device within that distance. Then connect the base to the computer that keeps the device charged. Users should not feel restricted in any situation. Wireless barcode scanners are easy to use, and without wires, staff can easily operate even in limited spaces such as narrow warehouses or small shops or institutions.

Increased productivity: Almost every company now uses barcode scanners for managing their inventory, tracking employee time, and tracking important issues. According to observations, barcode technology makes the accuracy of inputting data 20,000 times higher and 20 times faster than manually entering data.

Accuracy: On average, there are 10 errors for every 1,000 characters entered on the keyboard. On the other hand, using an optical character reader (OCR) produces one error for every 10,000 readings. With barcode technology, there is only one error for every 3,000,000 characters on average.

Higher work efficiency: Because wireless scanners are easier to use, they can improve work efficiency. Therefore, it reduces labor costs and improves your bottom line. With this tool, staff can move from one project to another more quickly and easily.

Durability: Wireless scanners are durable because the manufacture of such products considers that these devices involve a lot of movement. Therefore, accidents such as the scanner being dropped by workers may occur. To protect your investment, many of these scanners can withstand multiple falls.

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