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Application of Industrial Barcode Scanner in Industrial Automation Control

Industrial barcode scanners can be used for data collection for real-time operation monitoring as well as for saving historical data (tracking). Industrial machine vision systems, on the other hand, can be used for automated inspection and process control. In manufacturing environments, industrial barcode scanners and machine vision products help reduce costs, increase output, improve product quality and comply with industry regulations.

1. What is the industrial barcode scanner?

Industrial barcode scanners use photoelectric principles to convert barcode information into computer-acceptable information input devices. It is often used in libraries, hospitals, bookstores and supermarkets as an input method for quick registration or settlement. It can directly read the barcode information on the outer packaging of commodities or printed materials and input them into the online system.

2. Industrial barcode scanner solutions for manufacturing enterprises

A barcode is a machine-readable marking that can be printed on a label for application (print and use) or directly on the part, product or packaging (DPM). In general, barcodes contain data items with specific meanings, such as product codes, production batches, commodity types, and other data information. Industrial barcode scanners are used to capture and read this data, enabling tracking and identification of individual components along the supply chain. In production, these data can be used for automated operations, quality control, saving time, money and manpower.

In today's manufacturing environment, fast and accurate data collection is essential for the fast and efficient operation of the production line. Stable and reliable, online networked industrial barcode scanners can not only obtain data, but also drive activities in factory operations. Barcodes and QR codes have become an integral part of most lean manufacturing companies.

3. Application of industrial barcode scanner barcode technology

The barcode technology of industrial barcode scanners can assist in key applications such as quality control, in-line inspection (WIP), sorting and lot tracking. A common application of barcode technology for industrial barcode scanners is error prevention or error correction at a certain step in the process. For example, many packaging systems use barcode technology to ensure that the item matches the box before packing.

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