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QR Code and Barcode Scanner for Sale, OEM & PDA Barcode Scanner

QR Code and Barcode Scanner for Sale, OEM & PDA Barcode Scanner

Superlead scanner has been focusing on the innovation of QR code and vision inspection equipment for many years. At present, we have 8 product series: handheld barcode scanner series, fixed mount barcode scanner series, embedded barcode scanner series, portable desktop scanner series, industrial QR code scanner series, cordless barcode reader series, industrial imager series and barcode scanner PDA. After years of development, we have formed our own core technology, obtained 27 invention patents, 10 utility model patents and 2 software copyrights, and obtained RoHS, IP54, CE, FCC, explosion-proof testing, ISO9001/14000 and other related certifications.

SuperLead Barcode Scanner Products

What is a barcode reader called?

Barcode scanner, also known as point-of-sale (POS) scanner or price scanner, is a device for capturing and reading information contained in bar code.

The difference between barcode and QR code: Although the barcode only stores information in the horizontal direction, the QR code does store information in the horizontal and vertical directions. Because of this, QR codes have more information than bar codes.

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