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QR Code and Barcode Scanner for Sale, OEM & PDA Barcode Scanner

QR Code and Barcode Scanner for Sale, OEM & PDA Barcode Scanner

Superlead scanner has been focusing on the innovation of QR code and vision inspection equipment for many years. We are China bulk barcode scanner wholesale  manufacturer. After years of development, we have formed our own core technology, obtained 27 invention patents, 10 utility model patents and 2 software copyrights, and obtained RoHS, IP54, CE, FCC, explosion-proof testing, ISO9001/14000 and other related certifications. 

SuperLead Barcode Scanner Products

At present, we have 8 product series: handheld barcode scanner series, fixed mount barcode scanner series, embedded barcode scanner series, portable desktop scanner series, industrial QR code scanner series, cordless barcode reader series, industrial imager series and barcode scanner PDA. 

OEM Barcode Scanner and Types of Barcode Reader

We can provide OEM processing for different types of barcode scanners. Now we have provided OEM barcode scanner types to many famous brands, and our factory area is about 1550 square meters. The physical factory is available for visit. Our own R&D team occupies two-thirds of the whole company, that is, we can provide different types of barcode readers that meet the requirements and also design products according to your needs and provide complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

Our digital barcode scanner and smart barcode scanner can be divided as following terms: 

Technology: 3d barcode scanner, 4d barcode scanner, laser barcode reader, automatic barcode scanner, rfid barcode scanner, high speed barcode scanner

Appearance: mini barcode scanner, barcode scanner with display, omnidirectional barcode scanner

Available user terminal: computer barcode scanner ios, computer barcode scanner windows, barcode scanner android, mobile computer barcode scanner, mobile phone barcode scanner

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FAQs of Barcode Scanner for Sale

  • Q. Where to Find QR Code Reader and Barcode Quality Scanner?


    Where to get QR Code reader? Isuperlead is a high-tech barcode scanner China enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales of barcode quality scanner. Find good QR code reader from Chinese barcode scanner bulk factory. The barcode reader China company mainly provides 1D and 2D barcode automatic identification technology research and product development for domestic and foreign customers, and the good QR code scanner and barcode scanner has laid a solid foundation at home and abroad. 

  • Q. What is a Barcode Reader Called?


    Barcode scanner, also known as point-of-sale (POS) scanner or price scanner, is a device for capturing and reading information contained in bar code.

    The difference between barcode and QR code: Although the barcode only stores information in the horizontal direction, the QR code does store information in the horizontal and vertical directions. Because of this, QR codes have more information than bar codes.

  • Q. Why Choose Cheap Barcode Scanner Wholesale from Superlead?


    Superlead is a long standing bulk barcode scanner wholesale manufacturer in China, our quality and cheap barcode scanner has helped a lot business projects, which brings mutual benefits in a short time. Our professional OEM production line can offer your affordable bulk QR code scanner. Enquiry barcode scanner purchase with competitive wholesale prices.

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