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7350 Desktop Scanner

7350 Desktop Scanner

  • Super large scanning window,large reading range

  • self-induction image reading

  • Support motion reading, scanning sensitivity

  • 3 working modes( normal mode, mobilephone mode, fast moving mode)

Details of 7350

  • Object self induction

  • Build in RS232 and USB interface

  • Super large reading window

  • 3 working modes (normal mode, mobile phone screen mode and fast moving mode)

Application scenarios

shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, tea shops, small and micro stores, warehousing and logistics, customer service front desk, etc

Large Field of View


Emotional Design


Specification of 7350

Suzhou SuperMax Smart System Co., Ltd.7350
Technical Specification
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions:150mm x 95mm x 98mm
Voltage:5 VDC15%
Current:500mA (Operating)
Performance Characteristics
Light Source:illumination: 617nm RED LED
Field of View:55°(H)x 47°(V)
Roll / Pitch / Yaw:360°, ±65°, ±60°
Print Contrast:15% minimum reflective difference
Motion Tolerancesup to 200 cm per second
Interfaces Supported:USB, RS232
Image (Pixels) :1280 pixels (H)x 1080pixels (v)
Symbology Decode Capability1-D:UPC,EAN,Code128, Code 39, Code 93, Code11,Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar , etc.
2-D:PDF417,Data Matrix,Maxicode, QR Code,Aztec, etc.
Minimum Resolution:3 mil Code39
User Environment
Operating Temperature:0℃ to 50°C
Storage Temperature:-40℃ to 70°c
Humidity:0% to 95% relative humidity,non-condensing
Drop Specifications:Designed to withstand 1m drops
Ambient Light lmmunity:100.000 Lux.
Decode Ranges
3.13mil C3930mm-50mm
4.7mil C3930mm-80mm
5.13mil c3920mm-115mm
6.88mil PDF0mm-160mm
10mil DM10mm-180mm
20mil QR0mm-230mm
Performance may be impacted by bar code quality and environmental conditions.

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