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SuperLead X26 Compact Industrial Scanner
SuperLead X26 Compact Industrial Scanner

SuperLead X26 Compact Industrial Scanner

  • The industry's most compact industrial code reader

  • Solvable DPM codes, minimal codes, and other complex applications

  • Rich modular accessories support various complex application scenarios

  • External lens can be connected. X26-a, x26-c and x26-e are available

  • 6. 8, 12, 16 and 25mm lenses are optional

  • Remote reading of tiny code, supporting external focusing

  • X26-C

  • Support external C interface lens

  • Interpretable high difficulty code

  • X26-E

  • Integrated auto focus system

  • Automatic focusing from 50mm to infinity

Application scenarios of SuperLead X26

outdoor operation, warehousing and logistics, assembly line, complete automobile and parts, 3C electronic manufacturing, battery manufacturing, PCBA manufacturing, etc

Specification of SuperLead X26 Compact Industrial Scanner

Suzhou SuperMax Smart System Co., Ltd.X26
Technical Specification
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions36mm x 40mm x 22mm
Shell MaterialZinc Alloy
Performance Characteristics
Sensor PixelGlobal shutter,1280x1080 ,60FPS
Light Source LightingHighlight red light source, highlight blue light source, highlight white light source
Field of ViewHorizontal field of view 39°, vertical field of view 33°
Motion ToleranceContinuous scan mode 2m/s, Turbo mode 6m/s
Focus MethodX26 fixed focus; X26-E electronic autofocus
CommunicationRS232, USB, RS485, Ethernet (TCP/UDP), Modbus Rtu, Modbus TCP
External Input2-way photoelectric isolation input can be connected to NPN/PNP/relay
External Output2-way photoelectric isolation output
Powered By5-36VDC (Support USB power supply)
Power Consumption2.5W max
Symbology Decode Capability2-DQR, DataMatrix, PDF417, Aztec
1-DCode128, Code93, Code39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, IAN/EAN/UPC
User Environment
Operating Temperature0℃~50℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~70℃
ESD ProtectionContact discharge: 15KV, Coupling discharge: 20KV+
Shell ProtectionIP65
Fall1.2m cement floor, free fall, 6 sides x 5 times=30 times
Ambient Light Immunity100.000 Lux

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