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Scanners for Industrial Application

SuperLead helps China make 2025, making data traceable. Handle DPM barcode and ultra-small barcode with ease, without fear of harsh and harsh industrial environment. 

SuperLead started from the field of industrial manufacturing with high technical content at the beginning of its establishment, and developed the first generation DPM industrial scanner in 2013, which filled the blank in the field of bar code recognition with high difficulty in automobile parts, mobile phone computer parts, etc. In the following years, SuperLead R&D team has been committed to innovation, promotion and breakthrough, and has successively launched X21, X23, X25, X26, X30 series (industrial fixed solutions), which have been widely used in 3C electronics manufacturing, PCBA manufacturing, battery manufacturing and other industrial fields, helping customers to improve the safety of supply chain, making foreign brands unable to price at will, and greatly reducing the procurement cost of customers.

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