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Barcode and QR Code Reader Superlead-QR Code & Barcode Scanner Manufacturer
Barcode scanners are ergonomically designed to increase productivity and reduce fatigue. QR code reader & barcode scanner feature easy configuration, auto discrimination, multiple interface options, and data editing. We continue to satisfy customer needs with new wireless and image scanning technologies. Superleasd barcode scanner offers various barcode reader and scanner with different functions for your selection. Superlead, as a professional R&D and design barcode scanner supplier. We have a first-class R&D team of algorithms, optics, software, machinery and electronics. As a team with the world's top R&D experience, Superlead's core R&D3. personnel have an average working experience of over 15 years, self-developed "superscan" decoding algorithm, and is one of the few enterprises in China to master the core technology. Superlead is committed to providing high-quality and efficient code scanning solutions for business, and building a brand of high-end image code reading equipment.
Manufacturer of Barcode Scanners
About Us Manufacturer of Barcode Scanners

SUPERLEAD was founded in 2012, based in Suzhou. Superlead barcode scanner factory have a 60-people R&D team that has researching & developing experience in barcode scanners more than 15 years. Meanwhile, we manufacture and sell the products to Asian, American-European and Middle-eastern Market.

The annual sales volume is on average 20 million US dollars, The factory cover an area of more than 3000 square meters, its production capacity is over 100K monthly. We are expert at providing customized barcode scanner solutionS and technical support for different kinds of project. We have successful project experience in Retail, Finance, industry and logistics.

Solutions Find Barcode Scanner Solution in Superlead
Professional barcode reader supplier and manufactuer. ODM & OEM, applicable for different industries. Our barcode scanner can be used for urban traffic & self-service, logistics & express, retailing cashing & business payment, industrial application and wireless solutions.
  • Some Issues About the Barcode Code Reader
    21 Jan 2022
    Some Issues About the Barcode Code Reader
    Ⅰ. The read rate of the barcode code readerThe read rate of the barcode code reader is the number of barcodes read divided by the number attempted. It's usually expressed as a percentage and the ...
  • Advantages of the Barcode Scanner
    07 Jan 2022
    Advantages of the Barcode Scanner
    Ⅰ. What is a barcode scanner?To know what a barcode scanner is used for, we need to know what the barcode scanner is, or more specifically, what the barcode is. A barcode is a combination of black pa...
  • Why Do We Use Commodity Barcode Scanner?
    23 Dec 2021
    Why Do We Use Commodity Barcode Scanner?
    Commodity barcode scanners are also called barcode readers and barcode scanners. It is a device used to read the information contained in the bar code, using optical principles to decode the content o...