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Barcode Scanner Desktop

Superlead Desktop Barcode Scanner

These Superlead desktop barcode reader work well in a variety of applications, including retail point of sale, pharmacy, drug verification and a hands-free component verification. The desktop barcode scanner extra-large reading area and sweep scanning provide fast and easy reading from a variety of barcodes and other sources. The Superlead desktop scanners bring greater efficiency to the customer’s business.

Types of Barcode Scanner Desktop

FAQs of Desktop Barcode Scanner

  • Q. How do I choose a barcode scanner desktop for my computer?


    Depends on the available space, the outputs requirement and furtherly the outlook of the working environment which vary from customer to customer, Superlead could provide customized design barcode scanner desktop for customer.

  • Q. Difference between 1D and 2D table top barcode scanner?


    1D barcode scanner desktop can only accommodate limited numbers or text, such as the name of the product, price, etc., and cannot provide more detailed information about the product; 2D desktop barcode scanner can accommodate Chinese, with large storage capacity, and can contain more detailed content of the product. For example, the name and price of the clothes, can also show what materials are used, the percentage of each material, the size of the clothes, how much height is suitable for people to wear, as well as some washing precautions. 

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