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Handheld Scanner

Handheld Scanner

Top guaranteed scanning performance with entry-level cost, the Superlead general purpose good portable scanner works for you reliably every time. The hand barcode scanner with ergonomic design sits comfortably in you hand and never gives you fatigue. Along with the clear aiming, the touch feeling of the trigger of the Superlead handheld QR scanner is legible and comfortable, and the response audio of successful scanning is clean and firm.

General duty handheld barcode readers are designed to be connected to all the common interfaces in today's busy operating environments. The capability to directly interface USB Type C based solutions paves the way for connectivity to any type of modern PC or tablet and any of the latest POS systems and cash registers.

Types of Handheld Scanners for Sale

Pros of Using a Handle Barcode Scanner

  • Portable Barcode Reader Good for Scanning Bulky Items - You don't want to be lifting bulky items up and down just for scanning, so a portable barcode scanner is a must for safely tracking these items.

  • Scanner Barcode Portable is Ideal for inventory - When you will be scanning items across the store or warehouse, as in inventory, this handheld products barcode scanner is lightweight and easy to take with you.

  • Buy Hand Scanner For Inexpensive and Flexible - When you don't want to spend a lot of money on a scanner, or when you want a multi-use scanner, this portable hand scanner is a good option. Portable barcode readers are fairly inexpensive and are good to have on hand for a range of uses.

FAQs of Handheld Products Scanner

  • Q. What is a handheld scanner used for?

    • Retail

    • healthcare industries

    • light manufacturing market

  • Q. Difference between 1D 2D Barcode Scanner


    1D Laser Scanners- 1D Laser Barcode scanners are economical to purchase, however they are limited in scan ability at 2 to 24 inches away from a 1D barcode. The laser technology captures information by reflected light, quickly on barcodes that are not damaged.

    1D Linear Imagers- 1D Linear Imagers use CCD technology similar to a digital camera.  This array of  hundreds of light sensors capture and convert the image into data. These scanners can capture poor or damaged barcodes at greater distances than 2 feet in some cases. Basically, Imagers are a better choice than Laser Scanners for more aggressive scanning at nearly the same cost.

    2D Area Imagers- A Full 2D handheld barcode scanner captures a more detailed and intelligent image. They can capture a barcode in any orientation from over 3 feet away, reducing scanning labor. A 2D Area Imager can also read barcodes off of a monitor or a phone screen. Overall improved performance of these Imagers make them an intelligent choice for long-term and future scanning. 2D Area Imagers can read any type of barcode including 1D, stacked, 2D, including popular QR codes and many more.

  • Q. How does a laser barcode scanner work?


    A reciprocating or oscillating mirror or rotating prism scans the laser beam back and forth across a barcode. A photodiode inside the scanner measures the intensity of light reflected back from the white spaces within the barcode, and generates a specific frequency that translates into the digital information.

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