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Paybox Scanner

Superlead Paybox Scanner

SuperLead POS series has a built-in large viewing angle photoreceptor, which has a wider reading range. Support motion reading, do not need to focus, self-sensing images can also be read sensitively. WIFI 2G/4G wireless communication is supported, which makes information transmission more stable and faster. Hand-held and mobile, and also supports landline operation. SuperLead, based on its deep understanding of offline payment behavior, deeply integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AI and biometrics with financial technology and Internet of Things applications, and provides diversified payment solutions for merchants.

Types of Paybox Scanner

How does a paybox scanner work?

The mobile POS machine sends the information to UnionPay platform through GPRS network. After identifying the relevant information, UnionPay platform will send the deduction information to the corresponding card issuing bank, which will confirm and send the reply information to UnionPay platform. After confirmation, UnionPay will send the processed information to the sales terminal, which will receive the confirmed information and finally print the documents.

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