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SuperLead PDA-S27
superlead pda s27

SuperLead PDA-S27

  • 45 ° tilt scanning window to meet more application scenarios

  • Dual camera engine, intelligent switching between far and near

  • Solve the reading problem under different color bar code combinations

  • High-capacity battery with ultra-low power consumption enables 2.5-hour fast charging,

  • A new generation of binocular two-dimensional image scanning head with ultra-long DOF design,

  • Both short and long range code scanning

  • IP67 industrial protection grade

S27 Digital keyboard mobile data terminal

Application scenarios: manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, public utilities, retail, medical equipment integration, mobile payment, etc

Specification of S27 PAD

Weight: 274g (including battery)

Size: 166mm × 71mm × 17mm

Sensors: gravity sensor, photosensitive sensor, proximity sensor, hall sensor

Operating system: Android 12

Platform: 8-core, 2.0GHz

RAM memory: 3GB/4GB

Flash storage: 32GB/64GB

Display screen: 4 inches, IPS, 800 * 480

Battery: 5100mAh, removable. Built-in small battery 80mA, 8C.

Camera: fixed focal length of front camera, 5 million pixels (optional), automatic focus of main camera, 13 million pixels, dual flash

GPS:GPS/Glonass/Beidou,Assisted GPS

Bluetooth: BLE V5.1

NFC:13.56MHz NFC

Storage temperature: - 30 ℃ to 70 ℃

Working temperature: - 25 ° C~+55 ° C

Electrostatic protection: 8K/15K

Protection grade: IP67

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