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Application of Logistics Barcode Scanner in Logistics Industry

Ⅰ. Understand the logistics barcode scanner

Logistics bar code management has become an important part of logistics modernization. At the same time, it also effectively promotes the mechanization and automation of operations in all aspects of the logistics system, and plays a fundamental role in the management of all aspects of logistics.

The use of logistics barcode scanners for logistics barcode management plays a direct and efficient role as an information medium in modern logistics management, and it combines modern management and modern technology. Information flow based on the application of bar code technology will be an important feature of future information technology. Controlling the flow of information controls logistics. The modernization of information technology will inevitably promote the modernization of logistics technology and management.

Ⅱ. The application of logistics barcode scanners in the logistics industry

1. Taking the convenience store order book as an example, the chain headquarters regularly sends the order book to each convenience store. The order book contains the product name, product number, product barcode, order point, order unit, order quantity, etc., and the staff takes the order book to inspect various products to confirm the number of remaining displays and record the order quantity; or after arriving at the office, use the logistics barcode scanner to scan the barcode of the reserved product, enter the order quantity, and then use the modulator to send the order data.

2. In the inspection and acceptance operation of the distribution center, for the goods purchased in the whole box, there are barcodes on the packaging boxes, which are placed on the conveyor belt. After automatic identification by the fixed logistics barcode scanner, the acceptable instructions are sent to the storage location. For the goods purchased on the entire pallet, the forklift driver uses a handheld logistics barcode scanner to scan the barcode label on the outer packaging box, and uses the computer and radio frequency data communication system to download the storage instructions to the forklift terminal.

3. Replenishment operations, replenishment based on barcodes can ensure the correctness of replenishment operations. Some picking errors originate from the aforementioned replenishment operation errors. After the product is received and accepted, it is moved to the storage area, and it needs to be replenished in a timely and appropriate amount to the picking area; to avoid replenishment errors, the barcode of the product and the barcode of the storage code can be printed on the storage card. When the product is in place, use the handheld logistics barcode scanner to read the barcode of the product and the barcode of the storage location, and check whether it is correct by the computer, so as to ensure the correctness of the replenishment operation.

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