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Composition and Reading Method of Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner

Composition of handheld laser barcode scanner

Handheld laser barcode scanners scan a group of barcodes, the light source illuminates the barcode, and the reflected light is collected by the lens on the scanning module. The scanning module converts the light signal into an analog digital signal. Then it can be transmitted to the computer, which is the required barcode content.

Laser source: Overcoming this exchange phenomenon using beam collimation technology greatly improves the scanning depth range. This elliptical beam can only be used for single-line laser scanners. When setting up the optical path, the direction of the long axis of the light spot should be perpendicular to the scanning direction of the light. For single-line laser barcode scanners, the characteristics of the elliptical light spot are not as good as the circular light spot described above because it is insensitive to printing noise.

Optical scanning system: The laser beam from the laser source also needs to pass through the scanning system to form a scanning line or pattern. Full-angle laser barcode scanners generally use two schemes: rotating prism scanning and holographic scanning. Holographic scanning systems have the advantages of compact structure, high reliability, and low cost.

Light receiving system: Handheld laser barcode scanners scan the scattered light on the barcode symbol, and the receiving system receives sufficient scattered light. In full-angle laser barcode scanners, backward receiving systems are generally used. In this structure, the main optical axis of the receiving beam is the exit axis, so that the scatter light spot is always on the axis of the receiving system. The received light signal needs to be converted into an electric signal through a photoelectric converter. The frequency of the barcode signal in full-angle laser barcode scanners ranges from several megahertz to several tens of megahertz.

What are the reading modes of handheld laser barcode scanners?

Continuous reading mode: Continuous reading mode, also known as continuous reading mode, is usually used in unmanned scenarios, which can free up part of the work of some people. Under this reading mode, when the barcode machine is set to a constant bright (continuous) reading mode, the illumination light (aiming light) of the barcode machine is in a continuous long bright state, and the barcode machine is in a continuous working state. When the barcode passes, the barcode machine can obtain and analyze the barcode information.

Manual reading mode: Handheld laser barcode scanners manual reading mode, also known as press mode, is a common scanning gun reading mode. Under this reading mode, when the button is pressed, the barcode will light up and align to read. When the code reading is successful or the key is released, the indicator light (aiming light) turns off, and the code reading stops.

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