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Connection of Bluetooth Scanner

How to Connect the Bluetooth Scanner for PC for Computer?

  • First, insert the Bluetooth scanner and connect it to the computer through the wireless Bluetooth module until you hear the prompt of successful installation of barcode scanner;

  • Open EXCEL or any software that can input text;

  • Position the cursor to the cell to be entered;

  • Scan the barcode, and set the scanning mode of the barcode gun as needed, such as carriage return after scanning, line feed, continuous scanning, etc.5. After scanning, save.

How to Connect the Android Bluetooth Scanner?

  1. Press the activate button on the scanner gun, and the red indicator light will indicate that the scanning function has been successfully started. (Note: If it is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time, there may be a problem that it cannot be started. At this time, just connect the scanning gun to the data cable and charge it for a while)

  2. Open the Bluetooth interface in Android phone, and turn on the Bluetooth function to search for signals corresponding to Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner.

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