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The Application of Embedded Barcode Scanner

Intelligent Locker Barcode Scanner

As a two-dimensional code scanning reader that can be embedded and integrated into smart locker applications, the embedded scanner equipment must meet the requirements of exquisite design, high degree of integration, convenient installation, flexible application and industrial-grade dustproof and waterproof functions. Embedding a small-volume 2d handheld barcode scanner module enables the smart locker to have powerful scanning performance for all 1D, PDF and 2D barcodes, improves consumer experience and user operation makes the operation management and service process more efficient and intelligent, reduces many errors caused by manual information collection and data input, and further improves work efficiency. Embedded barcode scanner 2d module, with fast decoding and high-precision reading ability, can easily read mainstream 1D/2D barcodes in the market, and can be easily embedded into various devices as barcode reading components, such as various kinds of access controls, gates, ticket gates, self-service vending machines, smart lockers, self-service cabinets, etc.

Supermarket Scanner

Self-service cash register gives full play to the self-service identification, collection and transmission performance of barcode scanner, and provides customers with self-service of scanning code shopping. Choose the self-service cashier channel, scan the code and pay for the bill in a few minutes to complete the checkout. The self-service cash register integrates a series of self-service function modules of barcode scanner's two-dimensional code identification and data transmission performance expansion, and only three steps are needed to select, scan codes and settle accounts easily.

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