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Different Types of Barcode Scanner

Red Scanning Gun and Laser Scanner

The red light scanning gun adopts LED light source, which relies on CCD or CMOS photosensitive elements and then converts photoelectric signals. The laser scanning gun illuminates a laser spot by the internal laser device, and the laser spot is turned into a beam of laser light on the bar code by the swing of the vibration motor, which is then decoded into a digital signal by A-D. Because the laser relies on the vibration motor to make a laser line, it is more easily damaged in the process of use, and its anti-fall performance is often not as good as that of red light, and its recognition speed is not as fast as that of red light.

Difference between 1D Scanner and 2D Scanner

The difference between them lies in the different types of reading barcodes: 1d barcode scanner can only scan 1D barcodes, but not 2D barcodes; The 2d barcode scanner can scan both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. Two-dimensional scanning gun is generally more expensive than one-dimensional scanning gun. In some special occasions, not all two-dimensional scanning guns are suitable, such as scanning the two-dimensional code on the screen of mobile phone or engraved on metal.

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