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Some Issues About the Barcode Code Reader

Ⅰ. The read rate of the barcode code reader

The read rate of the barcode code reader is the number of barcodes read divided by the number attempted. It's usually expressed as a percentage and the closer to 100%, the better the efficient and read volume are. Barcodes may be subject to damage whenever being handled by machine or worker. If an accurate record of the supply chain matters a lot to your business, please make sure, apart from those perfect barcodes just printed by a printer, your barcode reader is able to read imperfect barcodes such as those printed on cardboards or those with scrape, distortion, or low contrast resolution.

Ⅱ. Usage of the barcode code reader

Your choice of barcode reader is also up to the scanning environment. If your business needs to have cartons of all sizes moving at a high speed on a conveyor belt scanned, then a small stationary reader would be the best choice. The fixed barcode code reader, which is usually installed near the production line, can scan barcodes automatically and non-manually.

If the reader is expected to check the final inventory after dockers load or unload the cargo, then hand barcode reader would be an ideal choice. The hand barcode code reader held by an operator can be wired or wireless.

To equip couriers or technicians working on the spot, a mobile barcode reader with built-in barcode reading capability would be helpful to quickly scan packages or check device specifications. The mobile barcode code reader held by an operator can be designed for specific applications or smartphones with a solid shell.

Ⅲ. Communications of the barcode code reader

After marking the parts or products and reading the codes, the data will be stored or used in the networks of factory or distribution center. Image-based barcode reader offers a full range of industrial protocols including Ethernet, USB, RS-232, discrete I/O, and Ethernet/IP. This simplifies integration between the reader and factory networks, which is critical not only for reading and sending product tracking information, but also for storing archived images of codes when the codes haven't been read.

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