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What Functions Should Be Considered When Choosing a Portable Handheld Scanner?

Understanding portable handheld scanners

Whenever we check out items in a supermarket, we often see the supermarket staff holding a small device and scanning the products we've chosen to calculate their prices. This magical little machine is called a portable handheld scanner. As the name suggests, this scanner quickly dominated the market due to its small size and portability, becoming the darling of major shopping malls and supermarkets.

When determining the best type of portable handheld scanner for your business, it is necessary to examine a multitude of functionalities. The warranty period for a portable handheld scanner usually ranges from one to five years. If your barcode scanner will be used in harsher environments, you should consider a longer warranty period. So, what other features should you consider when choosing a portable handheld scanner?

How to choose a portable handheld scanner?

1. Wired or wireless: If the portable handheld scanner you are purchasing needs to be used outdoors, in a factory workshop or throughout an entire warehouse, you may need to consider a wireless model. This would be the best choice, especially when your staff cannot use a power source at all times.

2. Durability: If you need a portable handheld scanner that works well in harsh conditions, you need to choose a durable model. These models can ensure that your barcode scanner can resist dust and water mist. If you work in harsher environments, you can look for portable handheld scanners specifically designed for your particular environment.

3. Connectivity: There are bluetooth handheld scanners that support bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly connect and transfer data to your database or your existing management system.

4. Scanning functionality: Knowing which symbols your company uses and ensuring that the portable handheld scanner you choose to purchase can read and decode any required one-dimensional, two-dimensional or other symbols is crucial.

5. Laser and image scanning functionality: Imaging barcode scanners are more advanced than laser barcode scanners, and they usually offer a larger range of scanning functionality.

6. Omnidirectional scanning: If you plan to buy a laser barcode scanner, it is recommended that you purchase a model that provides omnidirectional scanning so that your barcode scanner can decode two-dimensional barcodes.

7. Software compatibility: Some portable handheld scanners can be used with operating systems such as Android and PC, while others have their own built-in software systems. Some come with software development toolkits, allowing companies to develop custom applications. Some barcode scanners work out of the box on Windows or iOS, but other portable handheld scanners require you to download specific drivers.

8. Scanning distance: This will tell you the working distance of the portable handheld scanner. This may vary depending on the barcode type.

9. Scanning speed: If you need to scan a large number of barcodes, it is recommended that you look for a barcode scanner that can provide fast, continuous scanning functionality. Some models can scan up to 120 images per second.

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