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Do You Know About Wireless Barcode Scanners?

Barcode scanners are widely used in commercial POS cashier systems, express storage logistics, books, clothing, medicine, banking, insurance and communication fields. A wireless barcode scanner is a handheld wireless electronic device used to scan products that contain bar codes. The device emits laser beams to scan barcodes, providing you valuable data such as prices and quantity in stock. Wireless barcode scanners offer important benefits to both employees and employers.

Ⅰ. Remote capacity and security of wireless barcode scanners

Remote capacity: Wireless barcode scanners can realize remote access without the need to connect to a central operating system. It allows them to scan a large number of objects over a large area, which is effective and practical. For example, you can scan the bar codes for the products in an entire warehouse or retail store without connecting to a mainframe computer. You can also take the scanner elsewhere as needed.

Battery power and safety: Because wireless barcode scanners run on battery power, you don't need to plug the device into a power outlet. Power loss caused by thunderstorms or outages will not interfere with data collection. The electricity saving property can benefit businesses or other organizations that concern about minimizing utility bills or reducing energy consumption. The free of connecting with power supply also provides greater mobility, because you don't have to deal with bulky power cords. In a warehouse where equipment and people are constantly on the move, the free of wires also ensures the security.

Ⅱ. Wireless barcode scanners save cost

The use of wireless barcode scanners can increase employee productivity and reduce labor costs. Instead of spending time and effort bringing items to a central location for scanning, staff can go wherever the products are stored. When scanning, operators can move quickly from one item to the next and finish the work faster. This reduces the time to track inventory.

Ⅲ. Wireless barcode scanner is easy to use

Wireless barcode scanners are usually designed based on the user-friendly concept. Because there are no wires, it can be easily manipulated in narrow areas, such as products stacked on pallets in a warehouse. A common design is a "gun-shaped" model that fits comfortably in the hand. You can point the device at the product's barcode and "pull the trigger" to emit a beam of light to scan the code, and then store the information about the scanned object.

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