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The Application of Handheld Scanners in Inventory Management

Handling inventory can be a tedious task, no matter the size of the business. It includes a lot of heavy calculations and logging, consuming a lot of valuable time. Technology was not advanced in the past, which left people to do this laborious work only with brain power. But today, the development of inventory management software that simplifies the tedious task of handling inventory has paved the way for the invention of the inventory barcode scanner.

Ⅰ. About the handheld scanner

The most widely used handheld scanners are barcode scanners or barcode scanners. They are often used to read information in barcodes. The barcode scanner is designed as a gun that emits LED light to scan barcodes. These barcodes instantly store all the details of the corresponding item in the connected inventory management device.

Ⅱ. The benefits of the handheld scanner for inventory management

User convenience: Traditional scanners are usually fixed close to the inventory management system. This makes it difficult for workers to scan and document poorly mobile items. This inconvenience can be solved by using a handheld scanner. Due to its mobility, it is easy to get close to the item and scan the barcode to record the track of the item. It also helps users scan barcodes that are stuck in tight spots that cannot be reached by stationary scanners. Wireless handheld scanners are mobile devices and therefore offer users more freedom. Due to its portable nature, you can also take the handheld scanner to the desired location.

Time saving: Handheld scanners have higher scan rates than traditional scanners. This means you can seamlessly scan and document more items with your handheld scanner. This helps businesses load items directly to their final location, rather than placing them near an inventory management system for mobile tracking. Scanning items with a handheld scanner takes less time and instantly transfers the data to a connected electronic device, such as a desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Power saving: Handheld scanners for inventory management use batteries to power their work. These devices don't need to be plugged in all the time, saving on electricity bills. It also avoids unexpected power outages due to bad weather conditions.

Track items efficiently: Using a handheld scanner reduces the error rate in inventory calculations. Inventory monitoring of items at all stages of the transaction greatly reduces losses due to misplaced or stolen items. This provides a solution for the heavy losses suffered by the business.

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