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Portable Scanner Can Improve Patient Safety

Research has shown that the global imaging market is worth over $20 billion. Experts also predict that demand will grow and increase to an estimated $26.6 billion by 2028. As a healthcare provider or medical consultant, it is crucial to invest in modern equipment. In this way, you can take advantage of the growing demand and completely change the way services are delivered. One way to provide high-quality diagnostics and preventative care is to invest in a portable scanner.

Portable Scanner: Accurate and Fast Diagnostics

One major challenge healthcare providers face is providing accurate diagnoses after tests. While older, bulky scanners may help narrow down possible conditions, they may not provide accurate results. Portable scanners use technology that reduces the risk of misdiagnosis. These scanners can generate high-quality 3D images in less than 30 minutes. This feature allows you to identify abnormalities and health issues faster. By using a portable scanner, you can avoid worsening a patient's health by providing appropriate treatment. Additionally, infections can be more easily controlled before they further impact other organs.

Portable scanners also expedite diagnostics by supporting digital pathology. By digitizing slides, you can shorten processing time by up to 6 minutes. You can also study samples on your phone or computer and make diagnoses in less time. Digital slides then streamline workflows, save time, and improve lab efficiency.

Another way portable barcode scanners accelerate diagnoses is by enabling remote healthcare. Patients can receive these services at home instead of coming to your facility. This feature avoids unnecessary mobility for patients in poor physical condition. Convenience reduces the risk of mobility-related issues and improves recovery.

Portable Scanner: Enhanced Patient Safety

Most traditional imaging machines often expose patients to radiation. Unfortunately, this exposure is a significant concern for most patients due to its effects. For example, radiating pregnant patients with X-rays or CT scanners increases the risk of cancer in their children. Modern healthcare portable scanners produce significantly lower amounts of radiation. Using them can reduce the risk of adverse health effects, thereby enhancing patient safety. These machines also come with shields installed on the front to control radiation and protect your patients from scatter waves. By adopting this modern equipment, you can incorporate remote radiology services into your practice. At the same time, you can safeguard patients' health and prevent harm to them during diagnostics.

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