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The Explanation of Industrial Barcode Scanner Composition and Principle

Industrial barcode scanner is a professional barcode equipment for barcode decoding. It has many kinds of names, such as barcode scanner, scanning gun, barcode reader, barcode reader, barcode scanner, but in fact the expression refers to the same thing. SuperLead in the field of industrial barcode scanner shows significant market advantages. This article is mainly to talk about the compositon and principles of industrial barcode scanner and SuperLead's market advantages.

The Composition of Industrial Barcode Scanners

Industrial barcode scanners are generally composed of a light source, optical lens, scanning module, analogue-to-digital conversion circuit plus plastic or metal housing. It uses optoelectronic components to convert the detected light signal into an electrical signal, which is then converted into a digital signal through an analogue-to-digital converter and transmitted to a computer for processing.

Industrial Barcode Scanner Reading Principle

Regardless of which specific type, the principle of industrial barcode scanners is generally similar. Now the laser barcode scanner reading principle is analysed as follows:

Laser barcode reader consists of the following components: a laser diode, a prism, a motor and a light receiving element.

  • The laser is emitted from the laser diode to the prism to scan the barcode

  • Diffusely reflected light emitted back from the barcode is picked up by the light receiving element

  • The reflected light looks like an analogue waveform

  • The barcode reader converts the analogue waveform into a digital waveform

  • The barcode reader recognises narrow/wide bars and narrow/wide spaces by means of digital signals.

  • The barcode reader converts the combination of bar and space signals into data according to the barcode rules, and then outputs the decoded data to an external unit via PS/2, RS232, or USB interfaces

SuperLead's Significant Market Advantages in the Field of Industrial Barcode Scanners

SuperLead has demonstrated significant market advantages in the field of industrial barcode scanners. Its products have excellent performance in reading a variety of 1D and 2D codes efficiently and accurately, especially in the field of industrial automation, where SuperLead's industrial readers have significantly increased productivity due to their high reading speeds and large depth of field ranges. In addition, the brand's well-designed scanners are dustproof and waterproof, and can adapt to the harsh industrial environment. Rich IO interfaces and diverse code system support make SuperLead barcode scanners excel in a variety of application scenarios. As a result, the SuperLead brand occupies an important position in the industrial barcode scanner market due to its excellent performance and stable quality. SuperLead's industrial barcode scanner is the perfect choice for you.

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