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Barcode Technology in the Healthcare Industry

In the past few decades, barcode technology has become an important component of the healthcare industry ecosystem, ensuring that all important inventory and assets are accounted for, laws are strictly followed, and barcode scanners can prevent medication, sample, and other specific items from being mislabeled, misused, or misused.

Barcode scanners identify patients and their needs

In places like hospitals, it has become a common practice to label patients with barcode labels. In these places, a large number of patients requiring different levels of treatment are often mixed together and interact with each other. This is another situation where errors are easily made and the consequences of such errors can prove to be fatal. By equipping patients with wristbands with barcode labels, healthcare professionals can scan the codes and ensure that they are treating the correct patient with the right medication or procedure at the right time. Barcode scanners can also wirelessly and efficiently update medical records in real-time without the need to cross-check with potentially outdated existing records. With training on how to correctly use barcode scanners, errors in medication and patient care management are greatly reduced.

Barcode scanners collect and manage samples and specimens

Another major part of working in the healthcare industry involves handling various samples and specimens, from blood to urine to other body fluids carrying important information about patient health (which, fair to say, are not pleasant to handle and should be kept in their tiny bottles, uncontaminated and untainted). It has been reported that errors in identifying patients or laboratory samples can cause issues for both patients and caregivers. While most errors are caught before causing any permanent harm to the patients, in any industry, a system that can greatly reduce the chance of incorrect labeling or misuse is highly appreciated. The FDA also has regulations regarding the use of barcodes, particularly involving blood components. Barcode scanning can effectively collect and manage samples and specimens.

Barcode scanners streamline and create efficiency

Barcode scanners reduce the time spent manually writing down all necessary treatment processes, allowing doctors and healthcare providers to have more time interacting with patients, providing more personalized and attentive care. Additionally, with everything becoming automated, the cost of reordering critical medications or tools before a crisis occurs will significantly decrease. The bottom line here is that with the implementation of barcode technology, both time and money for organizations become more easily obtainable, two valuable resources that can be planned within a doctor's day or a hospital's budget, and so on.

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