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Application of Barcode Reader

Understanding barcode reader

Barcode readers are devices used to read information contained in barcodes. Using optical principles, the content of the barcode is decoded and transmitted to a computer or other device via a data line or wirelessly. Barcode readers are widely used in supermarkets, logistics and express delivery, libraries, and other fields for scanning product and document barcodes.

What are the applications of barcode readers?

Ticket verification. 

Tickets may have barcodes to help reduce fraud and long queues. Barcode readers are used to verify the provided ticket. This is a fast, secure, and simple way to manage tickets. Barcode readers are suitable for various venues such as sports stadiums, live performances, and airports. Before the advent of these scanners, the process below involved many employees.

Tracking food intake. 

Applications have been created to track the food you eat using barcode reader technology. These applications help you maintain your health by suggesting foods or vitamins that you haven't consumed in a long time. They also warn you when you consume too much of a particular food. This is one of the best uses of your body's barcode reader.

Error optimization. 

Handwriting provides space for errors in organizations. Barcode readers reduce human errors, helping institutions make profits or save money. On average, people make about 10 errors per 1000 words. In contrast, there is an average of one error per 10,000 barcode scans.

Theft deterrence and redundancy of responsibility. 

Barcode readers are used to reduce liability and track project security. Companies reduce liability by producing accurate numbers of products. It can also help organizations reduce theft from external and internal employees.

Secure communication. 

Barcode readers allow for secure document sharing and communication between two or a group of people. Modern applications provide fast file sharing between two devices. Barcodes are used to prevent hackers or third parties from intruding into communication channels.


Biometric technology has a built-in barcode reader that scans employer IDs. It records every exact time an employee appears or leaves the workplace. Managers use it to pay employees for exact working hours. Schools also use biometric technology to monitor attendance of lecturers and students in classrooms. The built-in barcode reader uses a beam of light to capture the code on the ID. In addition, data is sent wirelessly or using Ethernet cables to a computer.

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