Imager Barcode Reader Solution & Products

  • ? Mall, Supermarket, Convenient stores ect commercial cashier
    SUPERLEAD developed presentation scanners and handheld scanners series can generate more profit for vendors.

    ● High-speed reading, improve efficiency and accuracy.
    ● Decrease cashing queuing, improve customers shopping experience.

    SUPERLEAD devotes to improve customers’ experience, make shopping easier and pleasure.

  • ? Mall, Restaurant, Hotel, Supermarket etc payment
    SUPERLEAD developed handheld scanners and presentation scanners

    ● Fast, precisely reading alipay, wechat pay, QR payment codes etc.
    ● Decrease calculation errors
    ● Improve payment efficiency

  • SuperLead Adams PNUs developed PDA networking handheld mobile terminal, can help businesses complete inventory management and product pricing

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