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We Love SuperLead | This will be the first to see the PNUs in 2018!

Release date2018-2-1

Hey earthshaking SuperLead prime years night ended!

2018, Si Purui ushered in the 6 birthday.
6 years, prime time flies, despite wind and rain, all have made great achievements, made remarkable achievements.
6 years, PNUs realized from scratch, create the production of R & D team and professional manufacturing base with core competitiveness, has 50 patents.
Compared to the 2016 and 17 years, it has achieved three performances. The scale of business has expanded to all provinces and cities in China. Meanwhile, the products are exported to Europe and the United States, and have established a good reputation in the industry.

For 6 years, we have a strong grasp of the direction of the barcode recognition.
Continuous innovation, optimization of products,
In the aspects of intelligent manufacturing, public transportation, self-service, two-dimensional code payment, intelligent logistics and so on
Fruitful results have been achieved.

SuperLead | dazzling admission SHOW


SuperLead2018, the new year's meeting was held in January 26, 2018 at the G Hall of Suzhou International Expo Center. The annual conference shows varied and varied in form, creating team cohesion from different angles.

Very honored to be invited to the capital of the leaders in the CIS, PNUs 2018 will welcome the new year!

SuperLead | ³´

The establishment of a good company is inseparable from the people who create it.

 Yu Dong to the company just established early hardships were discussed and 2018 summary, and all the people, PNUs sincere blessing, we will also work with Adams PNUs together into the future.

SuperLead | General Manager Speech

The strategy, management, team building and development of a company are inseparable from the co founders of the company

 Xu always made inspiring mobilization, affirmed our work in 2017, and greatly encouraged the morale of the people.


Superlead man versatile, covers dance, songs, Ocarina solo, guitar, violin, zither, sketch, art show by Adams PNUs staff self-directed play, greatly reflects the side of our staff's versatile.

Words: stage three minutes, ten steps. In order to prepare the program for the annual meeting, the partners rehearse on the side of the work. They are also tired and happy, in order that the program can be perfectly deductive.


A part of the burst screen.
Send out the aroma of Grandpa Mao
Scene 50%, prime people have a few awards home
IPad4, iPhone 8P 3, iPhone X 2 not enough High?
More awesome is the mystery prize -8888 yuan in cash awards
Also the high atmosphere of the scene Double N times

The mystery prize is extracted by bright brother

Bright brother also felt a deep path

Children who miss 50% probability prizes raise their hands!
Miss Double N cash prize of children's shoes heels!
Even the children's shoes that have not been awarded to the program...
Don't cry!

Of all, PNUs insulation Cup said: close to me, warm you!

With the end of the lottery, the party also fell to the curtain
I wish you a happy new year and a full harvest!