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CHINASHOP annual event open to see, leading the

Release date:2018-11-24

In November 2nd, the largest retail trade fair in Asia, the Chinese Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP 2017), opened in Chongqing International Expo Center.

What is the latest trend in the smart retail industry?
What will the future smart retail business be like?
And what will the future bus / gate / gate be like?
What black technology has been helping to boost the development of intelligent retail payment industry?

If you want to know this, you must not miss the annual event in the retail industry——CHINASHOP2017

In November 2nd, three days of the nineteenth Chinese retail Expo (CHINASHOP2017) grand opening at the Chongqing International Expo Center, Si Purui retail payment and payment and bus industry solutions exhibition debut, to show the full range of PNUs, "smart retail" new ideas, also brought a feasible solution and lowering the efficiency of more business opportunities for smart retail owners.

The scene was in prime“Professional image reading and code equipment R & D design manufacturer”As the core business philosophy, to build a booth includes bus operators, retail checkout, industrial assembly line, weighing one scan code business scene "smart retail shop, in each scene to show the smart retail products, PNUs convenient, accurate and efficient solution.

Bus operation
In the booth "bus gate shop", a variety of embedded products, how to show the appearance PNUs easy fast payment function scan code, bus brake machine etc..

Retail cashier
In the "smart retail area", scanning and printing services that PNUs efficient optimization can shorten the checkout time, this brought a variety of scanning platform star product, to help enhance the customer shopping experience "goal".

Adams PNUs 7700 scanning platform 2D image scanning technology, can help retailers to easily identify various goods in no additional scanning equipment, digital barcode reading demand.

And, prime billing solutions to achieve a rapid read input billing information, open invoice is no longer a headache.

Industrial reading head

Such a sense of the future shop, looking at a good addiction!
But it's more than that.