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Suzhou Superlead carrying the latest smart products unveiled 2016 Guangzhou International Intelligent Industry Exhibition

On 21-23 November 2016, the three day 2016 Guangzhou International Intelligent Industry Exhibition was held in the bauli World Trade and Expo Museum in Guangzhou. Booth number: A212, welcome people from all walks of life to visit and negotiate!

Company profile

Suzhou Si Purui Intelligent System Co. Ltd. was founded in 2012, located in Suzhou City Industrial park. From the date of the establishment of the company, we continuously expand R & D, production, operation and after-sale maintenance departments, and collect professional and technical personnel, and further study the market rules and customer needs. The company's main production, sales, independent research and development of the two-dimensional scanning gun, has now launched a number of products to the market. A variety of solutions are successfully designed for supermarkets, catering, retail, etc., and can also provide customers with special features and customized scanning.
The company has its own production base and professional pipeline, the management system to meet international standards, ISO9001 certification enterprises, sustained and stable to provide the customers with the expected products; "3C", "CE", "FCC" and "ROHS" quality certification, at the same time also has a number of independent patent certificate.
Suzhou Si Purui Intelligent System Co. Ltd. based on domestic and overseas market development. Through many years of market operation, the product users are distributed in 36 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. At the same time, the sales network extends to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and products sell well overseas.

We Love SuperLead | This will be the first to see the PNUs in 2018!

Hey earthshaking SuperLead prime years night ended!

2018, Si Purui ushered in the 6 birthday.
6 years, prime time flies, despite wind and rain, all have made great achievements, made remarkable achievements.
6 years, PNUs realized from scratch, create the production of R & D team and professional manufacturing base with core competitiveness, has 50 patents.
Compared to the 2016 and 17 years, it has achieved three performances. The scale of business has expanded to all provinces and cities in China. Meanwhile, the products are exported to Europe and the United States, and have established a good reputation in the industry.

For 6 years, we have a strong grasp of the direction of the barcode recognition.
Continuous innovation, optimization of products,
In the aspects of intelligent manufacturing, public transportation, self-service, two-dimensional code payment, intelligent logistics and so on
Fruitful results have been achieved.

SuperLead | dazzling admission SHOW


SuperLead2018, the new year's meeting was held in January 26, 2018 at the G Hall of Suzhou International Expo Center. The annual conference shows varied and varied in form, creating team cohesion from different angles.

Very honored to be invited to the capital of the leaders in the CIS, PNUs 2018 will welcome the new year!

SuperLead | ³´

The establishment of a good company is inseparable from the people who create it.

 Yu Dong to the company just established early hardships were discussed and 2018 summary, and all the people, PNUs sincere blessing, we will also work with Adams PNUs together into the future.

SuperLead | General Manager Speech

The strategy, management, team building and development of a company are inseparable from the co founders of the company

 Xu always made inspiring mobilization, affirmed our work in 2017, and greatly encouraged the morale of the people.


Superlead man versatile, covers dance, songs, Ocarina solo, guitar, violin, zither, sketch, art show by Adams PNUs staff self-directed play, greatly reflects the side of our staff's versatile.

Words: stage three minutes, ten steps. In order to prepare the program for the annual meeting, the partners rehearse on the side of the work. They are also tired and happy, in order that the program can be perfectly deductive.


A part of the burst screen.
Send out the aroma of Grandpa Mao
Scene 50%, prime people have a few awards home
IPad4, iPhone 8P 3, iPhone X 2 not enough High?
More awesome is the mystery prize -8888 yuan in cash awards
Also the high atmosphere of the scene Double N times

The mystery prize is extracted by bright brother

Bright brother also felt a deep path

Children who miss 50% probability prizes raise their hands!
Miss Double N cash prize of children's shoes heels!
Even the children's shoes that have not been awarded to the program...
Don't cry!

Of all, PNUs insulation Cup said: close to me, warm you!

With the end of the lottery, the party also fell to the curtain
I wish you a happy new year and a full harvest!

We Love SuperLeadsuperlead 2018The year will begin, open stage Demons and monsters danced like mad.!


2018126գ壩 17:00



Suzhou International Expo Center G Pavilion

SuperLead˹2018 to welcome the new year to the countdown.

Are you all beginning to count how many of their personal products have been saved?
(friendship reminding: now it's too late to save, "
Although it has been saved, there is no egg.)
This time, each secret little corner, Xiaoheiwu buddies are hard to rehearse voice,
Is not all ready to want to stay away for a dance?

Let's hang a small stomach first

The new year opened, Demons and monsters danced like mad!
More wonderful, on the spot!


To win the prize and to win the prize, I want to win the prize!
How can we win the prize?
Here is a shortcut to the winner.
It will be of great use to bring the coin to the field.
The number of coins will determine the chance of winning the prize!

Suzhou International Expo Center G Pavilion
(Suzhou City Industrial Park - Gallery street and Shuige Road intersection 100 meters to the northwest)

Got lost again?

Don't panic SuperLead give you a guide!

Click on the lower left corner to start reading the full text.

superlead the sales team, forge ahead in unity, self challenge!

Adams PNUs in total sales team under the leadership of Party organizations, personnel beauty courageously challenge "over the jungle park every hurdle.

        "Over the jungle" it is to use a variety of obstacles to link the tree into a line, each one we need trees by floating bridges, road network exploration, trails, wood Road, Taishan swing, fox ropeway, climbing through the slide, jump, fly and cross action across all obstacle.

Every one of us the PNUs colleagues are very powerful, especially our party personnel beauty, break the dangers, arrive at the end point.



Shanghai maglev "half a second brake", suzhou prius power scanning through the brake

recentlyThe world's only high-speed maglev commercial operation line. With the "fastest train in the world", the maglev train in Shanghai has taken a big move, CCTV and other major media have carried on the special report for it.

The new mobile phone "brush code lockage" debut Shanghai maglev line, with the help of the "Metro city" APP platform, enabling fast access through mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning function. Only the car mobile phone gate scan port above the page to stay for a while, the moment will be able to read the code lock. The first stage began in October 30th, running at the Shanghai maglev line rate first. Gate public passenger in Longyang Road maglev line and the Pudong international airport two stations, can directly use the mobile phone quick brush code lock.

Mobile phone brush code lock

Suzhou Adams PNUs provides the technology in the system of payment reader solutions, and in cooperation with Fudan Microelectronics group and other enterprises, the organic integration of the technology and the existing ticket gates, namely one-way ticket, public transportation card, mobile phone scan code and the three ways in the gates to read a set of reading All In One writing equipment, implementation of full payment".

"Half a second lock" safe convenient and efficient

In the big apple or Android application market to download the "Metro city" mobile phone APP, launched the "ride function", only need to travel to the gate page mobile phone scan port above stops for a moment, moment will be able to read code lock. According to the test, the system is based on the normal response time of the main mobile phones in the market for less than half a second. The mobile phone brush code lock "function, to truly solve passenger ticket booking, queuing, cash and carry easily lost physical card problem.

It is reported that, according to the plan, the foundation to realize mobile phone brush code lock "in October 30th on the maglev line, is expected in early 2018," brush code lockage "strive to cover the Shanghai Metro network. At that time, the average station of the whole network will be expected to open a total of 4 special brake machines "2 into 2 out" for the use of the passenger mobile brush code import and export machine. In addition, all gates at the end of this year will be the opening of the new No. 9 line three, line 17 and Pujiang line station will be all at the beginning of next year the whole network to realize mobile phone brush code to achieve the function of synchronous gate ".

Adams PNUs twice in Shanghai subway stop into the new era of mobile phone brush

At the subway station in Changshou Road, the reporter saw that some sluice gates had been reformed and the two dimensional code scanning area was added. Unlike the traditional ticket inspection area, the two-dimensional code scanning area can support a variety of ticket forms, such as ordinary traffic cards and mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning.

Networking equipment as a professional brand, Suzhou Adams PNUs special supply brake machine channel 7130 special two-dimensional code scanning head, with excellent decoding technology, fast scanning precision, support mobile phone screen and two-dimensional bar code reading window scanning speed; induction, induction, even in the mobile phone, mobile phone screen film and other electricity shortage situation, also can easily complete bar code reading, not only to enhance the user experience, but also to speed up the flow of users.
At present, the 7130 two-dimensional code scanning head has been widely applied, and with excellent mobile phone payment barcode literacy and good embeddedness, it is very popular with domestic and foreign intelligent self-service devices, channels, gates, lottery machine manufacturers. Welcome to demand customer call consultation!

Adams PNUs scanner is widely used in Metro bus market

Recently, a number of Internet users in Shanghai metro station found a change in the check gate machine, the original location of the ticket inspection area is more than "two-dimensional code scan" area.

Can be directly scanned in and out of the station, a great convenience for the citizens to travel!
The next point is the point to be said today


Self induction
Built-in RS232 and USB interface
Ultra large scan window + ultra thin fashion design
Bar code information transmission in multilingual language
Large view image sensor
Support without backlight screen bar code reading

The application of the scene is not confined to the subway, bus, and TMV cabinets, electric cabinets from mentioning, smart, intelligent, Home Furnishing Home Furnishing ATM cabinets, lockers, self-service self-service inquiry terminal, queuing equipment, manufacturers and other documents.

  The city which has been put into use, PNUs scanner

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Nanchang, Hefei, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ji'nan, Foshan, Shantou, etc.

SuperLead 3300Our ticket expert!

Since July 1, 2017, the notice of the State Administration of Taxation on the issue of VAT invoices has been issued. The announcement of the State Administration of Taxation in 2017 sixteenth will come into effect.


The announcement, made after July 1st did not fill in the purchase of taxpayer identification number or a unified code of social credit and other provisions of the invoice does not meet, will not be as tax documents for tax related business, such as tax credits, tax rebates, etc..

When ask for invoice and invoice, too long to remember the company tax, billing staff entry is also prone to error, how to do? What should I do? What should I do?

It's time to introduce our ticket - opening experts.

SuperLead 3300 Bar code scanning gun

Bar code information transmission in multilingual language
Self sensing should read bar code
Red precise sight
High speed and omni-directional one dimension and two-dimensional code image reading
Bar code reading of mobile phone screen
Ergonomics design

Install the plug-in? No!
Installation drive? No!
What should I do? Scanning the bar code below, can open the "code" on the ticket opening function!

Is it very simple? Yes, that's so simple!

In addition, our 22002300.. will implement this function in the shortest time.

More experts, prime billing, all hand-held image scanner and imaging platform, coming soon.

New products on the market, shock attack, put in the code!

All the time
Research and development strength
This is the core competitiveness of the PNUs
Insight into market demand
Keep the old out of the old
This is the cornerstone of PNUs maintain a good momentum.

About half of 2017
What are the new strong PNUs, worthy of your attention.

  SuperLead7300-HP Scanning platform 

Designed for mobile payment, low power consumption and green environmental protection
Self induction
Super read window design, can read multi size screen bar code
Built-in 232 and USB interface
Fast reading high / low luminance bar code

Product order

SuperLead 7300-HP We are now starting to accept orders

Business consulting phone400-850-8151

The official

Holiday Notice of Spring Festival

Happy Spring Festival, congratulations on the fortune!

Holiday notice

Respectable new and old customers:
Hello! The upcoming Spring Festival, Suzhou Si Purui Intelligent System Co Ltd in advance to new and old customers, happy new year, Business Flourishes, chicken, good luck in everything!
According to the actual situation of our company, the holiday schedule of the Spring Festival in 2017 is as follows:

2017 Spring Festival holiday time is January 26, 2017 (the 29th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) to February 4, 2017 (the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) the 10 day holiday. February 5, 2017 (the 9th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) the normal work.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding of our work for a long time. In order to make the order convenient for you, please miss the holiday and arrange all the items.
January 19, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016, outlook 2017, ur company, thank you

In January 6, 2017 2016, 6 pm, PNUs annual meeting held at the Four Points & Suites Calgary West Hotel in Suzhou.


Suzhou Si Purui the staff around the 2016 year have a joyous gathering, we stand together through storm and stress struggling drops, vigorous development, a blueprint for the future outlook of the company, in joy, joy spent a memorable night.
At the beginning of the annual meeting, Xu always made inspiring mobilization, affirmed our work in 2016, and greatly encouraged the morale of the people.


General speech
Then, Yu made a summary of the initial hardship of the company and the outlook of 2017.


Sum up 2016, outlook 2017 and encourage all staff
In the warm atmosphere, all of our staff started a colorful performance of literature and art. The activities were presided over by the company's production planning department, Wang Rui. They used humorous and interesting language and vivid performance to make the scene of the scene very happy.


Host Wang Rui
Jazz performances were interspersed with jazz, interesting and intense games. All the employees were actively involved and the whole atmosphere was warm and joyous. The show was directed and performed by company employees, greatly reflects the side of our staff's versatile.


R & D department "top balloon"


"Guessing" in the business department


Jazz Dance


PK operation Ministry "Guessing"
Different styles, reflect our different styles, but one thing is common: for the good tomorrow of the company, we go all out and strive hard.
After the performance of the literature and art, the scene was carried out, and the prizes were carefully selected. Through this raffle, I hope all employees in the company will feel the happy moment of lucky goddess in the exciting raffle and narrow the distance between the company's small partners.


The leader is taking a prize


Five prize winner (a millet pull box)


Four prize winner (silk is one)


Three prize winner (one of SUPOR electric cookers)


The two prize winner (one of the HUAWEI sports watches)


First prize winner (iPad one)


Special prize winners (a Mate9 Standard Edition and an award for award)


Large cash prize (RMB 50 200 yuan)
This activity strengthens the construction of the enterprise culture, improves the cohesiveness of all the staff, is positive, and embodies the strong will of the staff and the spirit of fighting and forging ahead.

It embodies a good spirit of cooperation among colleagues. Look forward to chicken years, all our staff in order to better tomorrow, work together, create brilliant.

The application of barcode technology in the logistics industry


Suzhou Adams PNUs handheld barcode scanner provides a visual scanning operation for the application environment of the barcode, and increases the accuracy of the user terminal scanning. Suzhou Adams PNUs in manufacturing handheld barcode scanning technology, with specific challenges and the work environment as the starting point. From the retail of the high strength of the strong and durable storage scanner scanner, handheld scanning scheme of Suzhou Si Purui has various to meet business needs.

The bar code technology as a kind of automatic identification technology began in the middle of twentieth Century in the United States, following the development of computer technology, by far the most economical and practical an automatic identification technology, it has the advantages of fast speed and high reliability, collecting a large amount of information, flexible and practical etc.. At present, it has been widely used in all walks of life, such as postal, logistics, industry, commerce, book publishing, medical and health, military and other industries. There are more than 225 kinds of one-dimensional barcodes in the world. Each one dimensional bar code has its own set of coding specifications, which stipulates that every letter, or word or number, is composed of several lines and several blanks, and the arrangement of letters. The commonly used one - dimensional bar code has 39 code, EAN code, UPC code, 128 code, and ISBN, ISSN, which are used for the management of books and periodicals.

In terms of logistics supply chain management, barcode technology can be applied from all aspects of product production to finished product offline, sales, transportation, warehousing, retail and other links to facilitate convenient and quick management. Bar code technology, like a link, connects the information that occurs at all stages of the life of the product.
The barcode technology is widely used in the logistics industry, which is mainly reflected in the following:

?Production management

You can monitor the product identification code used in production and acquisition of test data generation and production quality inspection data, for completion of product inspection, the establishment of product identification code and product files, so as to arrange production plan, monitor the production process and to improve the qualified rate of product line.

? Sales information system

The sale and distribution management of a computer can be used quickly and accurately with a bar code.

?Warehouse management

Including warehousing, inventory, inventory, monthly stock transfer, different business in their own way, complete warehouse import and sales management.

?Inventory management

According to the description of the goods, types, specifications, origin, brand name, packaging and Distribution Division of the variety of goods, only the encoding is "no.".

?Repository Management

Warehouse location management is the management of inventory space. When the product is in storage, it will correspond to the barcode number and the product bar code one by one, and the first in first out or batch management can be achieved according to the stock time of the goods in the warehouse.

?Single piece management of goods

Barcode technology can not only manage the stock of the goods according to the variety, but also manage the specific single piece of the goods stock. Using the product mark bar to record the status of a single product, we can track and manage the single product and finish the operation of warehousing and warehousing more accurately.

?Sorting management

When distributing and warehousing the goods, we need to deal with lots of goods quickly and efficiently by using the method of separate goods and picking. We can automatically separate the goods and pick them by barcode technology and realize the related management.
Bar code scanner is a recognition device for reading information contained in barcode. Optical principle is used to decode the contents of barcode and transmit it to a computer or other equipment through data line or wireless way.

According to the reading method, the bar code recognition equipment mainly has the following two categories


The traditional bar code recognition technology for photoelectric barcode recognition technology, barcode recognition system is composed of optical scanning system, signal shaping and decoding system is composed of three parts, scanning optical system and detector, photoelectric converter component, optical scanning of bar code symbols, through the photoelectric detector, the bar empty pattern of light signal conversion into electrical signals. The electrical signal is amplified, filtered and shaped to form a rectangular square wave signal that corresponds to a bar code width. The decoding part is composed of computer hardware and software. Its function is to decode the obtained bar code rectangular square wave signal and output it to the data acquisition terminal of bar code application system.

?Camera bar code scanner

With the development of digital image processing, the appearance of two-dimensional barcode, and in some special applications, such as processing need defaced barcode, barcode image recognition technology came into being in the aspect of reading defaced barcode image reader has more advantages. The bar code recognition of image barcode is collected by image acquisition device. The barcode image with complex background is collected. Then the barcode image is de-noised and segmented by image processing technology. Finally, the code reading module is called to read barcode value and display the recognition result.

Analysis of 5 cases of barcode scanner that can not be scanned

Bar code scanners are also called bar code readers and bar code scanning guns. It is a reading device used to read information contained in barcode. Optical principle is used to decode the contents of barcode and transmit it to computers or other devices through data line or wireless way. It is widely used in supermarket, logistics express, library and so on to scan the barcode of goods and documents.

Bar code is a graphic identifier used to express a set of information by a number of black strips and blanks of different width, arranged in accordance with certain coding rules. The common bar code is a parallel line pattern formed by a large black strip and a white stripe with a large difference in reflectivity. Barcode scanner can not be scanned, in addition to the cause of scanner failure, it is also necessary to consider whether the bar code has a problem.


Whether the first analysis of barcode printed bar code quality to achieve the level of detection, qc850 of course you do not buy the professional quality, ordinary users can use the naked eye to identify barcode printing, so you can check the print black bar is clear, if there are some black spots, can determine the quality of the bar code not too good, but relatively good performance of the scanner can still be read out, if it is not a full description of the black bar code has been completely unable to read, is proposed to detect the barcode printing equipment.


Check whether the printed bar code is complete, and whether the bar code is printed beyond the boundary of the label. According to the principle of barcode scanning gun scanning, the bar code must be complete from left to right. Every black bar and white strip has its meaning, and the incomplete bar code, even if the high end of the scanning gun, can not be scanned.


What is the check print barcode system code, bar code is type, usually the market general code for code 128, code39, code93, EAN-13 and so on, if you print the code not in this range, the other code scanning function so you must open the barcode scanning gun.


Check the bar code scan gun is good. The method is very simple: we usually have some bar codes around us. If barcode, books and food packaging are all printed, all the bar codes are printed. The quality is very good. If bar code scanning gun can't sweep these barcodes, it means that the bar code scanning gun is defective.


Check whether the content of bar code printing is very close. Due to the limitation of bar code label, some bar code contents are too long. We must reduce the proportion to print out completely. Bar code scanning gun is divided into ordinary scanning gun and high-density bar code scanning gun. If the scanning gun is not high density, it can hardly sweep up the high density bar code. This is the problem that the print content of the selected scanning gun and bar code does not match. It is very simple to detect matching mismatch. It can first print a bar code label that does not have long data content to test.

Adams PNUs SuperLead series barcode scanning gun: high performance decoding chip, read speed, long, wide area scanning scanning scene. In addition to the conventional one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode scanning, can also read the screen 1D, 2D barcode, durable, cost-effective, good dust fall proof design, has been widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, tobacco, medicine, warehouses, factories, logistics and other industries and various environments.

Common problems and solutions of scanning gun

Professional image reading equipment R & D manufacturer, Suzhou prime concern.
Common problems in scanning guns:
1. problem: the scanning gun has no sound and no light after connecting the computer to the computer.
Cause analysis: the power line is not well connected or untouched.
Solution: reconnect the power supply, or switch the line up.

2. problem: some bar code data will be lost when scanning?
Cause analysis: the speed of scanning or transmission is too fast.
Solution: restore the factory setting or slow down the button speed.

3. problem: the scan has sound hints, but can not be transmitted to the computer?
Cause analysis: it is possible to set the wrong transmission setting code.
Solution: restore the factory settings or restore the input settings with the same bar code

4. problem: the other work of the scanning gun is normal, but there is no sound.
Cause analysis: set the mute mode.
Solution: scan the sound "open" bar code. Or resume the factory setting

5. problem: the scanning gun has always made the sound of opening.
Cause analysis: it may be a shortage of power supply.
Solution: restore the factory setting or add an external power supply (individual scanning gun is available for external power supply).

6. problem: the scanning light is always bright.
Cause analysis: it may be the usual setting of the instructions.
Solution: restore the factory setting.

The 7. problem: some barcodes can be read, and some barcodes can't be read.
Cause analysis: it may be that the bar code is broken and maybe a kind of bar code is closed.
Solution: restore the factory set up or redo the bar code, or scan the bar code "open a bar code" in the instructions.

Note: the bar code in the manual is used to set up some special request scanning mode, not to test the special bar code of the scanning gun. Before you know the specific use of the setting, do not scan at will. If you have a problem, you can contact the technician of our company.

Application of Adams PNUs 7100 embedded fixed scan code platform in the mobile phone industry scan

With the popularity of smartphones and electronic payments, more and more consumers have become accustomed to using mobile phones instead of cash to pay. Mobile payment has been closely related to our daily life, and it has become a part of our life.

Therefore, Suzhou will launch a special PNUs embedded mobile phone barcode scanning platform is a professional, the platform has a large angle of view, professional mobile phone barcode reading performance, can quickly and accurately read the bar code on the mobile phone screen and can quickly identify.

   The scanning platform can be widely used in the field of active mobile phone payment, mobile phone payment, such as intelligent transportation shopping payment scan code, two-dimensional code of intelligent access control and application of intelligent brake machine channel application, application in the following scene below we know under simple.

Application of bus scanning payment

In the new version has opened bus scanning pay city, passengers would open a new version of "Alipay" into the "city service", click "bus payment", will produce a two-dimensional code scan code scan code near the bus, hear the sound of "Ding Dong" to complete the payment, debit agreement amount and the amount of coin.
Users can be paid by the mobile phone by the mobile phone, and can quickly ride the car. It solves the problem that passengers do not have a bus card and no change when they travel.

Supermarket scanning payment application

In supermarkets, convenience stores more and more passengers, as long as the open version of "Alipay", click "payment", will produce a two-dimensional code near the fixed scan code scan code, hear the sound of "Ding Dong" to complete the payment, debit amount and stores input amount, even some stores will have random preferential.
The user is able to pay for the shopping through the mobile phone, and can quickly buy the bill. It solves the problem that the passengers do not have the cards and the cash.

Application of two dimensional code intelligent entrance guard

With the development of science and technology and the progress of mankind, people now have more and more requests for personal information and family safety. Traditional key entry and credit card entry are far from meeting the current safety needs. Intelligent access control system model, through the two-dimensional code scanning applications can generate real-time random "key", greatly enhance the safety of the family.
When users need access control points, the two-dimensional code that is received by mobile phones and tablet computers is aligned to the bar code collector. The access control system is uploaded to the controller through the collector, and the controller judges the validity of the bar code. If authenticated, the door will automatically open. If the time period is illegal or unused, the entry is prohibited. At the same time, the event records are uploaded to the management computer to display and store (for example, personnel information, entry time, etc.).

Application of intelligent channel gate

Compared with traditional gate channels, the application of intelligent gate channel adds two-dimensional code recognition function. When users pass through the gate, the operation of gate can be completed by scanning the two-dimensional code of mobile phones, and it can be widely applied to the areas of ticket inspection, exhibition entry and other fields.
Different from the traditional manual ticket, the ticket, the use of intelligent brake machine channel with "bar code ticket" applied not only to enhance the user experience, but also to ease the user peak ticket collection pressure; at the same time application of two-dimensional code electronic ticket, reduce paper bill printing, save operation cost, to achieve a "green and environmental protection" the purpose of.

SuperLead First push "lightning ticket" function

This news: Suzhou Adams PNUs first launched "lightning billing" products. Businesses through the two-dimensional code scanning Alipay APP consumers invoice housekeeper, can make the VAT invoices issued by the time, from an average of five minutes shortened to five seconds, Adams PNUs (SuperLead) many products support "lightning billing function".

Alipay's first open invoice housekeeper
Generating a two-dimensional code, such as the following diagram:

Open ticket system, use SuperLead scanner to read two-dimensional code, obtain ticket opening information, complete ticket opening.

With the development of "camp to increase" in the whole country, more and more businesses and businesses can issue VAT invoices, but the whole process is more complicated and tedious. The "lightning Invoicing" product has changed the invoicing process of VAT invoices, improving efficiency and providing more convenience for businesses, retailers and catering businesses.

It is understood that, from July 2016, "lightning ticket" was promoted in Beijing area. As of August 16th, hundreds of hotels and catering enterprises have been successfully used. Including the family, the Han court, the GreenTree Inn, the All Seasons, and so on.

Hangzhou bus pilot scavenging payment! No more change.

Take the bus and forget to take the bus card, and there is no change around it. In the embarrassing situation, how do you go back to the whole body?

Don't worry, now you can also brush mobile phone, Alipay payment.

I wonder if you have noticed the fixed scavenger inside the bus card machine?

This is a Suzhou Si Purui the latest products of 7120 fixed scanners (professional mobile phone code reader and a large field of view)!

Similarly, there is a similar one.7130Fixed scavengerEmbedded code reader, vision

They have a common feature:

Self induction
Built-in RS232 and USB interface
Ultra large scan window + ultra thin fashion design
Bar code information transmission in multilingual language
Large view image sensor
Support without backlight screen bar code reading

In August 11th, there are users in the micro-blog said Hangzhou bus can brush Alipay car, not to take public transportation card wallet for passengers, ride a lot easier. Is that true?

In August 12th, the reporter updated with the latest version of alipay. When the application is opened, click on the "city service" in the "civilian life" section. Then, choose the "bus payment" option in the "traffic trip" section. Then, the mobile phone screen displays a two-dimensional code, and the text above is prompted, "please close the two-dimensional code to the bus scanner."

Below the two-dimensional code, also marked a reminder "Hangzhou has opened the line: 506 road Wulin Gate North - Yuhang." At present, Alipay transit payment function support only one line, 506 Road North to Yuhang wulinmen. The Hangzhou bus group said there was a real plan, and it was still adjusting, but it was not convenient to give more information. Xiao Bian think, as one of the ten largest city in 2016 Internet plus, the wisdom of Hangzhou city service has been in the forefront of the country. It is expected that in the near future, the service will cover more and more bus routes.
In the future, there will be more and more bus lines in other cities to support the payment of brushing code.